Regulating Pharma in Social Media: Emerging FDA Guidelines on Post Marketing Submissions

Social Media in Healthcare

The USFDA has been in the process of drawing up specific guidelines for use of social media by Pharmaceutical industry. The draft (pdf) has been in the making for many years and outlines the FDA’s thinking on Social Media use by Pharmaceutical industry, specifically in Postmarketing Submissions of Interactive Promotional Media for Prescription drugs. The questions sought to […]

EHRs To Be Made Compulsory in India?

Technology in Healthcare in India

Use of Digital Records in Healthcare is finally getting the recognition and the push it deserves in India.   Technology has been changing healthcare, slowly but surely, in India over past 5-7 years. There have been numerous small successful projects in this space. There has been tremendous interest from both public and private sector players […]

Opposing Needs of data privacy and data sharing

Protecting Healthcare Information in India

The opposing needs of data privacy and data sharing. To make best use of technology, we need to make it accessible and open to all stakeholders. At the same time, healthcare data beggars impregnable walls to ensure security and privacy. Doctors and hospitals have till now been following the HIPAA regulations which apply in the US. In […]

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