Social Media For Continuing Medical Education

Social Media for Medical EducationWe have always supported the use of Social Media for Continuing medical education.With the super-fast spread of social media as the preferred form of communication, it would be criminal not to use it for potentially life saving purposes like medical education.

Teachers have used it to teach basic sciences and reported encouraging results.When a systematic review of the published literature on social media use in medical education was done, interventions using social media tools were associated with improved knowledge (e.g., exam scores), attitudes (e.g., empathy), and skills (e.g., reflective writing). The most commonly reported opportunities related to incorporating social media tools were promoting learner engagement (71% of studies), feedback (57%), and collaboration and professional development (both 36%).

And now we have anecdotal proof that Medical education of doctors via social media platforms like Facebook actually works.

A doctor from the UK has shown how an innovative music video shared via social media can help increase awareness of how to treat asthma. In an April 2012 audit at Glenfield hospital, it was found that 62% of the physicians were not aware of the latest Asthma guidelines.

To remedy this, a music video was created and shared via YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and social media sites. A repeat audit in June 2012 showed 100% awareness of Asthma Guidelines!

The video has already won the British Thoracic Society Innovation in Education Award 2012 and the NHS Expo/Network Casebook II Innovation Award 2013 and is up for an award from the European Lung Foundation.

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