Slideshow: 15 Amazing Uses of Google Glass in Mobile Health


We have been upbeat about Google Glasses in Medicine and true enough, many mavericks have already kick started niche healthcare/medical services/apps based on capabilities of Google Glasses. The device allows users to access online information, shoot photos or video and send messages. It is controlled by voice or by using the tiny touchpad on its side. A number of nifty startups are already in the game and have come up with creative ways to use Google Glasses for tele-education, surgeries, telemedicine, compliance, clinical decision support and what not!

Google Glass promises to be the next big platform for mobile health services.

Check this delightful collection by @ValaAfshar showcasing 15 products/services for healthcare industry using Google Glass

On the other hand, Google glasses and the “Virtual reality” world it fosters is already starting to spawn new disorders. Recently, a Navy man in the US was the first documented case of Google Glass Addiction. The patient had worn the Glass 18 hours a day, only removing it to sleep and bathe. He had later developed addiction related symptoms like “Tetris Effect” (a symptom associated with playing the game Tetris for long periods of time, whereby gamers report seeing shapes from the game in their sleep) as well as impaired short term memory and assorted involuntary movements.
So, How is Google Glass going to affect healthcare, however slightly? Will it be a Boon or a Bane?
The Jury is still out on that one.

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